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Hard Money Lending Terms Some of the terminology used in hard money lending is specific to the hard money programs, while other terminology is similar or the same as what is used for other more conventional loans. We have put together a glossary of common hard money loan terms to help you understand more about hard money.

Most hard money lenders charge between 10-15 percent interest.. less than that – 8-10 percent – due to our financial strength and extremely low overhead.

Most hard money lenders keep loan-to-value ratios relatively low. Their maximum LTV ratio might be 50% to 70%, so you’ll need assets to qualify for hard money. Their maximum LTV ratio might be 50% to 70%, so you’ll need assets to qualify for hard money.

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Cheap Hard Money Lenders hard money residential lenders bridge loan rates. bridge loan rates from hard money lenders are higher than traditional loans from banks. bridge loan rates will vary from lender to lender, but will generally be in the range of 8-10% interest for hard money bridge loans depending on various factors of the specific bridge loan scenario.Visio Lending is a national hard money lender with a dedicated customer support system like all of the other best hard money lenders on our list. In terms of reputability, they have funded over 5,500 loans and they have bought, sold, or financed over $275 million in residential real estate.

Interest rates as low as 7%!. We specialize in hard money loans for non- conventional situations that often require quick closings or flexible loans that banks and.

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Hard Money Loans are an alternative form of lending for investors who don’t fit traditional lending criteria. We offer Hard Money programs at some of the industry’s lowest rates to individuals, corporate entities, and foreign nationals.

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Due to this higher risk involved on a hard money loan, the interest rates for a hard money loan will be higher than conventional loans. Interest rates for hard money loans range from 10 – 15% depending on the specific lender and the perceived risk of the loan. Points can range anywhere from 2 – 4% of the total amount loaned.